Meet Your GMs

Our GMs will each lead multiple sessions during Green Dragon Fest, so you'll have the opportunity to play and learn from the best. 

You'll get matched with 4 different GMs over the different sessions, please email us if you have a preference and we will try our best to accommodate.


Bob World Builder


While I can run a rules-as-written game, my initiation to TTRPGs was a hilarious homebrew mess with my best friends. In the 8 or so years I've been a game master, I've developed a fun-focused style that lies somewhere closer to the latter.

Almost all of my RPG experience is with a few d20 fantasy systems because I love the general setting and the mechanical swing! I've run huge modules, tiny modules, lots of homebrew, one-on-one sessions, and a couple 10+ player sessions. As long as your idea of a fun game night involves a few goofs, a little grit, and rolling with the dice, we're going to have a great time.

Dungeon Dad


I've been DMing D&D since 2011. I started out playing 3.5, and eventually made the shift over to 5E around 2015.

I've run campaigns in all sorts of different D&D settings, including my own personal world that has been growing and evolving since I started my first game table (it's been blown up a few times by player action and inaction over the years, but that's okay). These days either 5E D&D or Mork Borg are my go to systems. 


Ted (Nerd Immersion)


Ted has had a passion for gaming and fantasy for as long as he can remember. In high school, his passions culminated when he was invited to play Dungeons & Dragons, which sparked a new passion for the world of tabletop roleplaying. His love for the game quickly led to him becoming the "forever DM". Since then he has run numerous campaigns, spanning multiple years—including a Buffy the Vampire Slayer campaign every Friday night for 7 years in his childhood basement.

In 2014, Ted formed Nerd Immersion as a way to share his love for gaming and nerd culture with the world. With the release of 5th edition D&D, he shifted the focus of Nerd Immersion to D&D livestreaming and D&D videos. Since then, the channel has streamed over 19 campaigns and released over 2400 TTRPG videos.

Baron De Ropp (Dungeon Masterpiece)


Baron de Ropp, the YouTuber behind Dungeon Masterpiece, is extremely passionate about D&D and other tabletop role playing games. Ropp has over 27 years of experience “Dungeon Mastering” for various RPGs, and an educational and career background in media production and applied geopolitical risk analysis. 

With these skills, Ropp focuses on synthesizing his varied background. Ropp coalesces lessons from cinema, literature, and video games to create richer stories, and uses the school of Applied Geopolitics to develop complex and cohesive fantasy settings on par with the Game of Thrones or Mass Effect franchises.

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Hankerin Ferinale (Runehammer)


I've been a GM  since about 1987, running, hacking, and writing everything under the sun. I am an author, professional artist, layout specialist, audio engineer and orator... mostly cutting my teeth in the video game industry, and through general lunacy.

Kelsey Dionne (The Arcane Library)


I first got into TTRPGs when my mom borrowed a boxed AD&D 2E set from her librarian friend because she knew I'd like it, and the rest is history. 

I've been running D&D games for about 25 years and learned the ropes from some of Gary Gygax's own players, and have since created the popular system, Shadowdark. I have an improvisational style that focuses on fast rulings and energetic pacing. I'm very excited to come together with dear friends and supporters in the industry for Green Dragon Fest! 


Steely Sam


Steely Sam is a well known D&D Youtuber with over 300k+ subscribers. He specializes in monster lore and hosts a fan favorite 'DM hotline' live stream. Some of his popular videos include, How To Run A Business In D&D, What Is A Gold Piece Worth, and DM Prep Guides for specific modules.

DM Scotty (The DM's Craft)


I was in high school when I started with advanced D&D. I adore the RPG experience, as it is truly unique. The thrill of engaging with a narrative crafted by everyone at the table is a feeling that never grows old.

I am often referred to as the "Craftfather of RPGs" due to my creation of the DM's Craft YouTube channel over a decade ago. The channel is focused on providing budget-friendly crafting ideas for RPGs. While many other similar channels have emerged since then I have slowly backed away from creating vids but still enjoy crafting for my own games as well as convention games.

At the upcoming Green Dragon Fest, I plan to incorporate miniatures and terrain into my gaming sessions to enhance the experience. Additionally, I will be running my popular EZD6 RPG system. 

DM Scotty-modified

House DM


My favorite part of the game has to be cracking open a cold one, grabbing a fresh slice of za, and connecting with my friends through this ridiculously epic collaborative story-telling experience of a game we call D&D. I've run about 4 full campaigns spanning over multiple years and I've run several short adventures ranging from 2 - 5 sessions.

Currently, my system of choice is Shadowdark. I was a forever DM for the longest time, but in my opinion, one of the best ways to be a better DM is to stop DMing, start playing, and be open to discovering what you like and what you don't like. Let's not get bogged down by the rules. Let's go explore, find some sick loot, and try to stay alive as best we can.

Alex Alvarez (The Ultimate Effort Show)


I have DM'ed every edition of D&D since AD&D 2E, including extensive time in the most recent Fifth Edition.  I have dabbled in other systems as well, including WEG Star Wars, Pathfinder/Starfinder, DCC, Dungeon World, and OSE.  However, I find a lot of enjoyment in more rules lite systems these days, including Index Card RPG, EZD6, and Shadowdark. 

In terms of style, I consider myself to be a very player-focused DM.  My polar star is making sure players are having a great time, and a ton of the tools in my "DM toolbox" have been carefully curated over the years to help ensure fun at the table.  One of the hallmarks of my style is making sure every player gets equal time in the spotlight and gets a chance to shine at the table.  I like putting characters in peril, keeping them ragged, and cheering for them as they overcome.

These days, I usually DM for other DMs, and I have received several accolades in this regard.  Most recently, Kelsey Dionne over at The Arcane Library described me as an "S-Tier DM."  I am also a game designer and frequent collaborator over at Runehammer Games and I'm known for design work on Xeno Dead Zone and for being the creator of the Altered State cyberpunk supplement for Index Card RPG.  


Justin Alexander (The Alexandrian)


Justin is an RPG Producer and Developer at Atlas Games, in charge of multi-award winning RPGs including Feng Shui, Unknown Armies, Ars Magica, Over the Edge, and Magical Kitties Save the Day. His site, the Alexandrian, won a Silver ENnie award for best online content (Gen Con Awards).

He was also the developer for the Infinity Roleplaying Game for Modius Entertainment, which became the largest kickstarter for a first edition RPG. And in 2023, his book So You Want To Be A Game Master? became a USA Today Bestseller.